Shall we serve you a small teacup under the stars ?

Kerala region, populated with vast tea fields perched at 1600 meters above sea level, Munnar and its 70 000 inhabitants (a small village in India) seems a land suitable for all subcontinent spices. Vanilla, jasmine through turmeric, pepper and tea, this mountainous area his home for about fifty wild elephants and an extremely varied natural […]

Day of festivities in Pondicherry

    At Pondicherry, the channel on the east side has an ambiance of the French 18th century. Churches dotted with brightly colored so peculiar to India. The west side of the canal, away from the calm of the sea, India, beehive in constant movement pushed by two decades of intense growth, offers a different […]

Road trip from Pondicherry to Hampi

  Part 1: Fixing the bikes before hitting the road. After slamming 28000rps respectively (400€) and 30000rps ( 427.5€) , Lolo and John get their playthings in Indian style, poorly maintained, dirty and asleep. A few days of effort and that is the end result. Ready to be awakened, hope it will last, the Indian roads […]

Mumbai (Bombay), slums smiles.

To find out what is behind the giant towers and modernity of the city center, the colorful doors were pushed to one of the largest slums of Mumbai. East of the Mahim Railway Station, stands on one of the largest open dumps Mumbai neighborhood Daravhi . Here live 500,000 people after the bridge, near the […]

A step into the shadows of history, in the caves of Ellora and Ajanta.

Lost in the mountains, in the desert of Maharashtra, hide the Buddhist, Hindu and Jain caves of Ajanta and Ellora. A complex of 55 caves, the oldest of which date back to the second century before J- C, spread across two remote sites to a hundred kilometers. Gigantic statues of Buddha, flamboyant rock paintings, and […]

Hyderabad, an oriental flavor in the heart of Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad and its suburbs, populated by over 10 million people and raised in the desert of Andhra Pradesh, has long seen a succession of kings Nassim, occupying the many palaces the city’s wealth . The famous Charminar, the many mosques and other monuments, reflecting strong Muslim influences in the history of this city, an oriental […]

Calcutta, India portrait , City of Joy …

Tireur de Rickshaw

Calcutta, Indian ancient capital, the third largest city, marked history, epidemics, famine and mass exodus. Location and Mother Teresa died theater and its shares face misery, ” Calcutta hides neither spares nothing, it is by far India, true, more than any other city.” Where even the wealth into the background , where men still replace […]

Feet in the Darjeeling tea plantations


A few kilometers from the Nepalese border, we cross the hills dotted with tea plantations immersing us in a calm and serene atmosphere, away from the bustle of the rest of the country. Here we are in a different universe, the sensation of entering a new country, where Nepalese and Tibetan flags faces fill the […]

Discovering South Sikkim

PARTIE 1: Staying with the monks in South Sikkim Wedged between Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, Sikkim , located in the northeast of India, extends over the southern mountains of the Himalayas. Nepali is spoken here more commonly than Hindi and Tibetan as nepal influence directs lifestyles. It was in the monastery of Rumtek, the second largest […]

On the trails, on the way to the snow-capped mount of North Sikkim

Crossing the bridge into North Sikkim, Tibetan flags flutter in the air, the roads become trails and there are many waterfalls to cross the road. The paths sink into the mountains, following rivers and cliffs flank. The villages are spaced and the population is becoming scarce day by day the rains fall increasingly on the […]

Kids of Bihar

    The Bihar state, bordered by the natural border with Nepal, is bathed by the waters of the Ganges which flows across it. The most densely populated region of India, it is also the poorest: a dry arid plain for 10 months is turning into rain deluges during the two months of monsoon flooded with […]

Varanasi the holy

Varanasi, the holy city, founded by Shiva according to legend, is considered one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and also the one that hosts the pilgrims. Located on the banks of the holiest river in the world, the Ganges, its old center is a maze of colorful and narrow streets. The Ghats, rock […]

Népal- Partie 1: Brick by brick, three months after the earthquake

April 25, 2015, the ground shook in Nepal, destroying many homes, taking thousands of lives and marking the history of his violence. Three months after the tragedy, we landed in Kathmandu capital of the country, opening its eyes to the drama away from the reports drawn up by the newspapers and the media. The cracks […]

Népal – Partie 2: Street’s portrait

Looks, smiles, emotion, in the streets of Kathmandu, in the heart of the refugee camps and surrounding rice fields of the country, a nod in Black and White for the residents of the roof of the world  

Manali to Kardung La pass: 515kms on the Great Himalayan Highway

From Manali altimeter shows 1950 meters, it is 6 am and motorbikes are loaded, the clear skies and the sun illuminates the white tip of the peaks ahead. The road stretches over 500 kms, alternating tar, sand and rocks, through rivers and steep cliffs. The green mountains of the first kilometers or tributary pastures and […]

Sand dunes of Nubra valley , to the turquoise waters of Lake Pangong

When one goes down the mountain on the opposite side to Leh after crossing the pass of the Kardung, the stony path becomes bitumen in the heart of the Nubra valley. The yellow flowers color ditches, rocky peaks absorb our gaze and green villages lead to life in this magical setting. After some 100kms, turns […]

Leh, Days of celebrations in Ladakh capital

Stuck in the northern Indian map, between Tibet and Pakistan, at the foot of the highest pass in the world, the Palace overlooks the skyline of the city of Leh. Here, the summer is a good time to live, apricots fill the trees in late August, the sky is blue 300 days of the year, […]

10 days of hiking in the heart of the Himalaya

Backpacks loaded, gas cylinders filled, tied shoes and hat on the front, open spaces of the himalaya are ahead. Trail map in the pocket, a few liters of water, dried fruit, eggs and pasta, our tente and sleeping bags feather, just the essential to survive a few days before moving to the next village . The […]